Black Ops: How to get outside any map!

    Funny Looking Stars ??
    Funny Looking Stars ??

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    Black Ops: How to get outside any map!

    Post  Kimlo7 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 11:58 am

    1. First thing first.. ThIs is a HOST ONLY barrier breaker. No one else can do this

    2. The host Needs To get an RC-XD car and blows it up nearthe barrier breaker corner

    3. Your Friend need to get an rc car also.

    4. Then the host will start jumping in the corner you want to barrier break

    5. Your Friend needs to call his rc car and drive into you

    6. The host will then reapidly run around in a circle motion , Making sure you are still hitting the corner.

    7. As you hit the corner while running around jump .

    8. HOST Keep repeating the action


    9. Your friend needs to keep driving back and forward while hitting you as you are hitting the corner.

    Basicilly that is it


    As you friend hits the corner and the rc car hit the corner at the exact same time you willl get hit through the barrier. this is why the host runs round in a circle and the rc car backs up and forward.

    Make A Custom game with ! killstreak being an rc car . The 2 and 3rd being a care package

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