Zombie Mods Online | Only Xbox360

    Funny Looking Stars ??
    Funny Looking Stars ??

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    Zombie Mods Online | Only Xbox360

    Post  Kimlo7 on Fri Dec 10, 2010 8:11 am

    Black ops - Zombie mods - Online (Transfer cable) No JTAG

    Brand new zombie mods

    GPD: megaupload.com TRQU3JQC

    {back button}
    god mode
    unlimited ammo
    really big clips
    insta reload with slight of hand
    tripple tap
    far revive
    fast run
    auto m16/g11
    box is unmovable
    unlimited sprint

    noclip toggel on/off

    {dpad up}
    This is for Kino!
    Thunder gun and upgraded pistols

    {dpad down}
    This is for Five!
    Give weapon frost gun and ray gun upgraded

    {dpad left}
    Change map to "Kino der toten"

    {dpad right}
    Change map to "five"

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